Founded in 2019 by Corina Culeva- a long time fashion industry actor, Zoe Rowyn was, like all great businesses, triggered by a personal need. Having always been distinguished by a strong personal style, Corina decided to make her own wedding dress, tailored to her needs and desires of a stylish modern bride. In the process, she discovered that she had much more to offer to the modern bridal market. An entire collection of minimalist yet sophisticated bridal gowns followed. The collection expresses the designer’s admiration for sensual simplicity, contrasting with whimsical details. Corina created a brand for the chic, bold, and sophisticated brides like herself.


Thus, the launch of Zoe Rowyn bridal collection was spurred by the designer’s vision of the current bridal market and the opportunity for where bridal should stand within the broader fashion retail world. With an innovative point of view and a clear obsession with the customer’s needs, the label seeks to develop an advanced range of dresses that helps elevate the bridal experience.  Being a long time digital nomad herself, Corina wants to offer a modern bridal experience, where brides shop for their gowns stress free, from the comfort of their home.


It is a relatively young company equipped technologically with machines oriented towards several fields of activity. We have high-performance lasers for cutting and engraving, 3-axis CNC router, equipment needed to produce volumetric and combined objects made of wood, PVC, plastics, polystyrene, etc.

One of our basic goals is to expand the range of equipment, always new and always oriented to cope with contemporary trends. The support offered to our clients is the consultation, the elaboration of the models and the realization of the samples, in other words from the idea to their materialization in concrete objects.


Politica Design studio was founded in 2017 by Dmitri Moruz in Cahul, Moldova.

The company deals with branding and we are with customers throughout the creation of corporate identity from brand launch to integration and supervision.


Milav IT was registered at the end of 2016. We are a partner company of the “Dual IT Education Program” in Cahul.

We work in the field of software development, software implementation, web applications and telephone applications, creation of presentation web pages and webshops. At the same time, we offer consultancy on finding the best software solution for the clients’ business. We develop the design and implementation of programs according to the latest trends in the field.

We offer the key to your business in the online world!


Unicorn Eli – tailoring and design company founded at the end of 2017.


Eli Cafe – A business cafe with a pleasant ambiance, delicious dishes, is a family business.



ELI CATERING – We handle catering services. Here you will find a pleasant atmosphere, delicious food, children’s area, free wifi, cleanliness and comfort.


Accountancy services


At Kids Academy you will have the opportunity to travel imaginary. Students are familiar with different cultures and traditions. Also, conversational clubs will be organized on various topics (travel, sports, cooking, technology, art, etc.). And, of course, we will enjoy the holidays together, both nationally and internationally.